LAZERTHRUST are working on developing a planet friendly craft able to travel from Norwich, UK to Amsterdam, NL in 2 hours.

(ignoring the speed limits as we will inevitably need to and assuming they let us in when we get there).


The idea behind this is to restore some of how things used to be and to make travel and trade less hub and spoke and more point to point.

At the time of writing we have a good command of low volume , low cost FDM production, electronics, energy, propulsion and materials.

On with the Craft printer.....and our first set of ground up re-engineered generation Marine products.

We have focused on 3D Printing as a key enabler for our ideas and have learnt much about FDM, SLA, SLS printing as well Energy Generation and Storage technologies.

We are based in Norwich, UK and are contactable via email at and via the phone on +44-1603 765995.